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Rifle Chamber Burnishing Tool

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Features and Benefits
  • Create an ultra-smooth chamber finish in one pass in seconds; simply burnish after chamber reaming.
  • Improved chamber quality, spent shell ejection, and loading speed.
  • Fast, easy tool set-up and operation. No special skills required.
  • Versatile - use in any spindle from drill press to CNC machine.
  • Easy to maintain, high quality tooling made by toolmakers.
  • Affordable tools and spare parts readily available from stock.

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CBT-223-REM 0.223 Remington Caliber Rifle Cogsdill 0.223 Remington
CBT-243-WIN 0.243 Winchester Caliber Rifle Cogsdill 0.243 Winchester
CBT-308-WIN 0.308 Winchester Caliber Rifle Cogsdill 0.308 Winchester
CBT-270-WIN 0.270 Winchester Caliber Rifle Cogsdill 0.270 Winchester
CBT-30-06-SPR 0.30 to 06 Springfield Caliber Rifle Cogsdill 0.30 to 06 Springfield
CBT-7MM-REM 7 Millimeter (mm) Remington Mag Caliber Rifle Cogsdill 7 mm Remington Mag
CBT-30-30-WIN 0.30 to 0.30 Winchester Caliber Rifle Cogsdill 0.30 to 0.30 Winchester
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1